Hi there, I’m Maddy, a would be hipster and Journalism and Mass Communications major/Spanish minor at the University of Iowa. As a general rule, I’m an introvert who prefers cats to humans (I have no clue why, cats are ten thousand times nastier than people), bakes and crafts too often for her own good, and takes long naps to avoid actual responsibilities. I also drink a LOT of coffee and am very serious about thrift store shopping; interrupt me mid sip or hunt and I promise you you’ll regret it. Oh, and my roommates feed me, sing to me, and force me to engage in actual human interaction from time to time, aka, my roommates are the best roommates. Like, they’re probably better than yours. Probably meaning absolutely. Anyway, that’s about it as far as interesting tidbits go, as I’m a fairly simple dame, but if you do happen to have any questions, feel free to direct them to our email address (it’s posted in the “About Us” page!). Ciao/Meow friend!


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