The jams that inspired my 2014


As far as my itunes library is concerned, this year produced a bountiful harvest in terms of new music. The following is a list chronicling my Columbus esq. “discoveries” of new/lost to me artists from the year, brought to my attention during late night dives to the depths of the inter webs or introduced to me by mutual friends.

January  Snowmine- Let Me In

They’ve nailed the “If my life was an indie movie this would play while I’m driving or walking or looking out a window or existing or something” echoey vibe… Ja feel?

February Years and Years- Real

Let me tell you that this is my absolute favorite band. I’m begging you, please, please, PLEASE go check out their other stuff.  I can’t get enough of them, the moment I stumbled upon this video I was instantly entranced and I hope you will be too.

March Gregory Alan Iskaov- Big Black Car

Finals are fast approaching yet, still so far off and you know you’re not going to swear off Netflix and get your life together. Grab a blanket, find a comfy spot on the futon and let Isakov lull you in to the great beyond… or to sleep.

April Jungle- Platoon

All the Funk. All the Dance. Tiny Track Suit.

May St. Lucia- Wait For Love

Live minstrel procession through down town LA. P-much all I could ask for from a band

June Cro- Traum

Yes, this is entirely in German but bear with me, this guy is a gem and he has a panda mask.

July The Griswolds- Beware The Dog

“Beware the ghost who lives on Salamander Road” I don’t know, I dig it. How can you stop your self from dancing?

August Grouplove- Colours

This band has been a favorite of mine for several years. Maddy and I were able to see them live and it was a technicolour eruption of electric sweaty bliss.

September Miniature Tigers- Last Night’s Fake Blood

They came to Iowa City, Alyse and I went to see them, it was really cool and I covet Rick the Keyboardist’s wind breaker. Also their music is hecka rad. They have an album called Cruel Runnings that they wrote in Jamaica. Like I said, hecka rad.

October Sam Smith- Leave Your Lover

If you have not released your self in to the somber, soulful tides of the ocean that is Sam Smith’s voice you are doing your self a disservice. Listen to any of his songs off of In the Lonely Hour, I’m begging you.

November Walk the Moon- Shut Up and Dance

Do it.

December Karina Mia- Christmas Sweaters

Cutest freaking christmas song ever. Why does this only have 150 views on youtube?


Merry Christmas From The Curly Girls!

Merry Christmas all!


It’s a little late to be posting this, as most of you have probably reached this stage in your Christmas celebrations:

Santa wants me to have this wine.
Santa wants me to have this wine.

But here it is anyway…

Three full hours of quite possibly the best holiday playlist ever.

Yes, we know you’re excited.

By “best” we mean there is no Mariah Carey (although JBeibs made the list, don’t ask us how).

There is, however, a delightful medley of classic, indie, jazzy, pop and humorous Christmas, Curly Girl approved songs. Also two Hanukkah songs because, well. They were really cute.

So get your jingle on for the remaining hour or so of Christmas 2014.

We got you.

The tunes are on us.