Merry Christmas From The Curly Girls!

Merry Christmas all!


It’s a little late to be posting this, as most of you have probably reached this stage in your Christmas celebrations:

Santa wants me to have this wine.
Santa wants me to have this wine.

But here it is anyway…

Three full hours of quite possibly the best holiday playlist ever.

Yes, we know you’re excited.

By “best” we mean there is no Mariah Carey (although JBeibs made the list, don’t ask us how).

There is, however, a delightful medley of classic, indie, jazzy, pop and humorous Christmas, Curly Girl approved songs. Also two Hanukkah songs because, well. They were really cute.

So get your jingle on for the remaining hour or so of Christmas 2014.

We got you.

The tunes are on us.


50 Cats Who Want You To Take Your Christmas Cheer And Shove It


Cats tend to get a bad rap for supposedly hating Christmas, which I don’t 100% agree with.


Really, I don’t think they hate Christmas.


Of course, I don’t expect those of you who have never owned cats to fully appreciate and understand  the hellbound spiral their already sporadic moods take this time of year. They honest to goodness have a legitimate reason to be so grouchy.

And the reason isn’t that they’re all furry little Grinches.

Cats don’t mind the tree and the stockings and the presents, not a bit. Quite the contrary in fact, as all of these things make for some wonderful, destructive entertainment.

See? Kitty heaven.
See? Kitty heaven.
Like, pure bliss.
Like, pure bliss.
Pusheen agrees with me.
Pusheen agrees with me.

No, my friend, it is not these festive trimmings or even the celebration itself that cats can’t stand.

It’s the humans.

There’s big ones, little ones, tall ones, short ones, loud ones, quiet ones, fat ones, bony ones and they all want to embrace the merriment by either

A. Petting/holding/playing with the cat

B. Taking festive photos of the cat


C. Dressing the cat up in humiliating Christmas themed attire

All of which the cats are decidedly averse to, and therefore act especially peevish. But let me be perfectly clear. IT IS NOT CHRISTMAS.

It’s us.

But more specifically you.

Especially if you have dogs or children.

And the cats have just about had it.


This is why they insist on being so contrary, ripping up those presents all wrapped with care, eating the Christmas tree and so on.


Also cats are little assholes.


But that’s part of the appeal right? So, here as a cautionary tale AND for your viewing pleasure arrrrrre…..

50 Cats Who Want You To Take Your Christmas Cheer And Shove It

1-3. These Reluctant Reindeer Cats That Want To Trample You AND Grandma

enhanced-buzz-7038-1323717014-2671 Christmas-Cat l-christmas-cats

4-7. Some Of Santa’s Helpers Who Will Happily Rip Out Your Spleen

Mad-Cat-In-Christmas-Sweater cats-that-hate-christmas-omg-cute-things-112412-01   -Cats-love-Christmas-too-christmas-32996734-500-334 ed606723249b178593944dfb0c587dc7

8-20. These Santa Cats Who Would Burn Down Your House With The Coal They Gave You For Christmas

top-10-cats-who-hate-christmas-L-ZMfmpH Top-10-Cats-That-Hate-Christmas-9 top-10-cats-who-hate-christmas-L-nb55IY Garfi-angry-cat-Christmas christmas-cats-2 comics-grumpy-cat-christmas-hat-516085 e78cabe382b5e383b3e382bf christmas_cat waiting_for_christmas_cats_animals_hd-wallpaper-1581118 cat-christmas-advent-picture_17 angry-cat-christmas-i9 Angry-Briton-Gray-Cap-Christmas-Cat-Box-Feet-Claws-Snout-Eyes-Yellow cat-angry-christmas-santa-hat-snarl-13862827727

21-25. A Clowder of Cats In Sweaters That Wish You Were Dead

ee1e41bcdabb5d2968c518381039b4d5 Cat-In-Ho-Ho-Ho-Christmas-Sweater-406x600 10-grumpy-cats-christmas-cards Cat-In-Christmas-Sweatet-is-not-happy Cat-In-Christmas-Sweater-Turtleneck

26. This Cat Who Hopes All 8 Days Of Your Hanukkah Suck


27-33. Some Unfortunate Kitties That Got Too Involved In The Decorating Process

Video-Cat-Secretly-Attacks-Christmas-Tree-Funny cat-christmas-advent-picture_01 4073bigstockphoto_Christmas_Cat_4494104 christmas-048 tumblr_mdt7hh3XcC1qei3sro1_500 funny-present-wrapped-up-xmas-christmas-cat-bow-death-slow-painful-pics Picture 36

34-40. Cats Whose Feline Fury Rains Down Upon You And Your Christmas Tree

cats-in-christmas-trees-221 cats-that-hate-christmas-omg-cute-things-112412-12 cats-hate-christmas-8 cats_hate_christmas_18 cats-attacking-christmas cat_christmas_tree_06 cats-love-christmas-trees-36-pics_36

40-45. These Cats With Unidentified Seasonal Accessories

cute-cat-kitty-Christmas-angry-1 images 0 She looks humiliated, the poor cat! TO-gal1024-cat-20131213112022184799-620x414

46-48. Three Cats Subjected To Cruel And Unusual Portraiture

raddude137-cat-christmas-card enhanced-23688-1419343113-2 d3589330c007cbc652d1f38ea5d687f8

49. A Kitty Who Doesn’t Appreciate His Present


And Finally…

50. This Fluffy Cat Whose Total Lack Of Enthusiasm For Christmas Is Inspiring


Allow me to offer a word for the wise this Christmas: go eat your cookies and don your ugly sweaters elsewhere, and leave the cat in peace. You may just live to see the New Year.

Until next year…



Grumpy Christmas Wreath

Well said, Grumpy Cat. Well Said.

Christmas Cookies So Cute You’ll Gag Before You Eat A Single One


Christmas equals the season of endless temptations for me, temptations that I’m pretty shoddy at resisting.


Real shoddy.

Nom nom nom
Nom nom nom

Like I’ve stopped trying at this point.

Every year I tell myself I shouldn’t hand out gifties two weeks before Christmas (but I do), I can’t buy any more presents for the cat (yeeeaaaaah, I do) and I won’t eat a 32nd peppermint truffle Hershey kiss (I totally freaking do).

So, as you can imagine, Christmas goodies are kind of a huge weak spot for me. Needless to say, you’d imagine 100% correctly: this month alone the Curly Girl crew has baked and decorated 200 (at least) cut out sugar cookies, distributing some and devouring most. I have the cavities and the back fat to prove it.

Anyways, in the spirit of the season of overindulgence and gluttony, here are 25 of the most disgustingly adorable Christmas goodies we could find on the internet in the past hour.

1. These Gorgeous, Tiffany’s Approved Sugar Cookies

These cookies are more attractive than I am :(
These cookies are more attractive than I am 😦

2. These Over-The-Top Christmas Bell Cookies

Feeling insufficient yet, Grandma?
Feeling insufficient yet, Grandma?

3. These Floral-looking Mint Meringue Cookies

Meringues are low I can eat twenty, right?
Meringues are low fat…so I can eat twenty, right?

4. These Penguin Macarons That Are Cuter Than a Kitten in Mittens


5. These Cookies That Tell Frosty’s Story

He died, kids.
He died, kids.

6. Noshable Ugly Christmas Sweater Cookies


7. Or Ugly Hanukkah Sweater Cookies!


8. Gingerbread House Cookies Literally Too Cute To Eat

Dear Lord someone make tiny gingerbread people to match.
Dear Lord someone make tiny gingerbread people to match.

9. Cookies That Are Cute As A….You Can Guess

The pun was too easy, couldn't do it.
The pun was too easy, couldn’t do it.

10. Sleepy Santa/Gnome/Hobo Cookies

Frost won't be the only thing nipping at those wee noses :D
Frost won’t be the only thing nipping at those wee noses 😀

11. Cookies For The Canine Fanatic 

Maybe don't eat these in front of Fido?
Maybe don’t eat these in front of Fido?

12. Disney’s Over-the-top Gingerbread House That I Want To Live In

Bet it comes complete with a matching, cannibalistic witch.
Knowing Disney, it probably comes complete with a matching, cannibalistic witch.

13. Cookies Worth Melting For

If you don't love Frozen we can't be friends.
If you don’t love Frozen we can’t be friends.

14. These Crunchy Chocolate Pinecone Cookies

Fun game: mix in real pinecones with these and see how many get eaten.
Thought they were real for like ten full minutes.

15. Mouse Christmas Cookies That Look Like Cat Toys

Creepy AND cute.
Creepy AND cute.

16. Christmas Tree Brownies, Because Variety/Spice/Yadayada 

Brownies are timeless: remember this.
Brownies are timeless: remember this.

17. Reindeer Cookies Involving Neither Pretzels Nor Oreos

No Nutter Butters either.
No Nutter Butters either.

18. Cookies To Pair With Hot Cocoa

Could use mini marshmallows instead of “whipped cream”, no?

19. These Lovely Stained Glass Christmas Cookies

With fancy marbling!
With fancy marbling!

20. Or These Ones…

Look shatter proof to me...
Almost don’t look edible.

21. Or These

They're just really pretty, okay???
They’re just really pretty, okay???

22. The Pizzelle, Aka A Snowflake You Can Bite

For a touch of Italy in your Christmas.

23. Mistletoe Cookies (Kisses Included)

Now if only they came with a man...
Now if only they came with a man…

24. Harry Potter Christmas Cookies (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!)

Because we all secretly want to spend the holidays at Hogwarts.
Because we all secretly want to spend the holidays at Hogwarts.

25. Killer “Joel The Lump Of Coal” Cookies, A Curly Girl Original!

Shine bright like a diamond little guys.

So that’s it folks, enough cutesy goodies to rot your gums and give you a raging case of type two diabetes. We wish you all a Happy Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Winter Solstice etc. etc. etc. Have a very merry politically correct holiday season!