All I Ate This Week Was Charcuterie Meat


Let me tell you, I am more sodium logged than I think I’ve ever been, and I’m so thirsty that I have basically had to live in the bathroom.

And it’s worth it. If you’ve ever experienced charcuterie in all its glory, you understand.

Charcuturie is actually a method of preserving meats in their own fat (plus a whole lot of salt and sometimes spices). A charcuturie board combines an assortment of charcuterie meats, various cheeses and accompanying fruits or fruit spreads. Upon assembling and, eventually, devouring said charcuterie board, I guarantee you’ll feel so damn fancy that you’ll never eat Ritz and spray cheese again.


We served capriccioli, salami, and prosciutto with an aged white cheddar and a slightly creamier, merlot infused goat cheese. Pears, apples, figs and grapes work well with the creamy cheese, and olives and baby pickles are nice with harder, saltier cheeses. Add crackers, a couple $8 bottles of wine, and call it a night.


Also brie, because brie is amazing. One wheel was wrapped in prosciutto and bacon, and the other slathered with fig and blueberry compote. Did I mention that brie is amazing????

So try this. Really. Costco has a surprisingly great selection, and Hy-Vee is pretty close to top notch. Oh, and Aldi has wheels of brie for $2.99 (you’re welcome).


Yeah, drool about it.



Tunesday: Jimmy Napes


Though the name Jimmy Napes may not sound familiar at first, odds are you may already be acquainted with some of his works. Co-writer of Sam Smith’s “Latch” and “Stay With Me,” Napes is no stranger to the music scene. However, January marks his first debut as a solo artist.
In recent weeks, Jimmy Napes released his new single ‘Give It Up,’ and just today he released music video directed by Luke Monaghan.
Jimmy Napes is sure to be a hit in the coming year.

View his brand new music video here:


Tunesday: The Griswolds


Following last week’s Tunesday post on Walk The Moon, I thought it would only be right if this week I introduced the band who will be opening their tour this spring, The Griswolds.

Another band introduced to me by the dearest Michaela, The Griswolds are easy to love. The indie rock band is self described as “tequila-inspired party pop,” though they are equally as entertaining to rock out to in the car.

Don’t be fooled by their song “Mississippi,” the band actually originated in Sydney, Australia. What’s not to love about good music, good vibes, and good accents?


Below are a few of our favorites:

Beware the Dog

Heart of a Lion

If You Wanna Stay

Three Resolutions EVERYONE Should Attempt In 2015 (And Every Year Hereafter)


I find New Year’s resolutions completely absurd, and probably always will.

I mean think about it.

The “New year, new me” mentality is not only a ghastly cliche, but also irrelevant, since you’re a “new you” with literally every passing second of every passing day of EVERY YEAR SINCE YOUR EXISTENCE.

2015 is no exception. It is not a magic year, it is not a year of promise, it is just. a. different. number.

On a lighter note, I am a big believer in making positive, day-to-day changes to oneself and ones routine. Yeah, long term goals are important, but they’re so damn easy to put off because they’re often far away from where you are in the moment.

So do something now, today, something short term for the greater good. Something liiiiiiike…

1. Tip Your Barista/Bartender/Waitperson $1 More Than You Usually Do


Those of you who have worked in the food service industry know the horrors that waitstaff, bartenders and baristas face every day at work. I waitressed at a little diner all through high school and still bear the psychological scars years later.

The constant hustle and bustle of needy/noisy/nasty customers is enough to drive anyone out of their freaking minds, and then there’s the matter of the pathetic paychecks. I don’t know if people are jerks or if they just don’t get it, but tips are part of bartenders’/baristas’/waitpersons’ wages.

According the the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national average hourly pay for baristas is between $7.50-12.50, and between $7.84-14.83 for waitpersons, which doesn’t sound too bad if you’re at the higher end of the spectrum.

However, speaking as someone who is very familiar with the industry, I can tell you that much of the time your bartender/barista/waitperson doesn’t receive enough in tips to actually break their supposed hourly wages. As a waitress in a rural area, my coworkers and I made a measly $4.95/hour.

This is Patch. Patch would appreciate more tips and less flash photography, please.
This is Patch. Patch would appreciate more tips and less picture taking.

These people work very hard and deal with all of us at our worst, when we’re hungry, thirsty and/or tired. The LEAST you can do is send an extra buck their way. A dollar won’t break your bank, and believe me, it means more to that sad empty tip jar than it does to you.

2. Try New Foods

Even if you don’t want to.


Even if you have a “sensitive palate”.


Even if you’re that wacko who eats nothing but McDonald’s chicken nuggs for every meal.

Why, Anderson, why???
Why, Anderson, why???

Try. New. Foods.

Because picky eaters are hands down in the list of Top Ten Annoying/Awful Human Beings. I do not care if you don’t like green things, vegetables, or other non-bacon items.

Yeah, I'm looking at YOU Ron Swanson.
Yeah, I’m looking at YOU Ron Swanson.

You are a grown ass adult, suck it up and eat the brussel sprout.

Oh, you hated shrimp when you tried it one time in the third grade? So I’m guessing you also still think kissing can get you pregnant and that one week anniversaries are a thing?

What’s that? Can’t eat Thai food because there’s no steak and potatoes? Open wide, uncultured Puritan, here comes the tom yum choo-choo.

Hmm? Not giving tofu a shot because you’re a red-blooded American? Newsflash, dimwit: our blood is blue over 95% of the time, and I’ll spill some of yours if you call vegan dishes fake food one more time.

I’m not saying you have to love everything you try.


In fact, you probably won’t like some things.


But for the love of pizza will you at least TASTE it?! How do you know you’re not missing out on the best thing since Nutella?!


You’ll never know if you don’t dig in.

3. Go Through Your Stuff


Taking personal inventory of what you own from time to time is so, sooooo helpful in the long run, especially if you’re an avid shopper like myself. It’s scary how easy it is to become a dedicated pack rat, and when you need to find something or move to a new location, having an idea of how much stuff you have (and where it all is stashed) will prove invaluable.

Start with one specific area, like your dresser drawers, supply closet, or kitchen cupboards, and go through absolutely everything. If it hasn’t been touched, worn or moved in over a year, you may want to consider tossing or donating it.


If your tendencies lean more towards hoarder than minimalist, it’s helpful to have a buddy system going. Friends don’t let friends save their tube tops from 1997.


It may be painful at first, particularly if you are super sentimental, but it’s important to know when to let go of the old (an broken, and grody) and make room for the new. You’ll thank yourself later.


Even if it hurts a little now.

Tunesday: Walk the Moon


If, like me, you are a fan of Spotify, then the term “New Music Tuesday” may sound familiar. This year I wanted to bring New Music Tuesday in the form of “Tunesday” to the Three Curly Girls site by introducing a new artist that we’ve been particularly enjoying as of recently.

To start off the new year I’d like to introduce a band that has been a favorite in our apartment the past few months. First introduced to me by Michaela, I fell in love with their unique sound and incredible lyrics. In December they dropped their most recent album, Talking is Hard, and I don’t think we listened to anything else for at least a week.

Walk The Moon has easily become my favorite band, and we couldn’t be more excited to see them live this coming March.


Give them a listen:

Walk the Moon – Anna Sun

Walk the Moon – Shut Up and Dance

Walk the Moon – Tightrope

New Things I’ve Done So Far In 2015



So we’re not even a week into 2015, and everyone is working on their New Year’s resolutions.

Meaning the gym is going to be packed for the remaining three weeks of January.

There will be kale shakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Your Facebook feed will be covered with motivational memes of the 60% drippy abs 40% Nike variety.

And while it will be a very, very jolly time watching Netflix on my sofa while all this business goes down, I feel bound to admit that I’ve got a wee case of the New Year’s spirit myself. In the past six days, for instance, I’ve done the following spanky new and oh so exciting things:

1. Learned to Snowshoe

It wasn’t as hard as one would expect, although it’s probably more difficult if you don’t have the promise of coffee afterwards awaiting on the horizon like I did.

Check out our legitimate snowshoeing gear #commit
Look at our legitimate snowshoeing gear! #commit


Dad and I enjoyed ourselves, clearly.
Dad and I enjoyed ourselves, clearly.

2. Made (and ate) Plantain Pancakes

My mother has an autoimmune disease and  lot of food sensitivities, so funky, grain-free foods are pretty common in our household. However, I’d never tried plantains before this morning, and they made for surprisingly tasty pancakes.

20150106_090248 20150106_090343

Just be aware that green plantains are NOT yummy raw, and smell like a cross between an unripe banana and a thousand stalks of celery before they’re cooked. Recipe here.

3. Dyed My Hair ***DISCLAIMER: There are selfies in this post***

Dyed it pink, to be exact. Also sorry for the selfies, but I couldn’t think of another way to get an accurate pic of the color change.




I love it so far, but it’s a bloody mess. I mean literally, it bleeds on everything when it’s wet. My fingernails are permanently fuchsia.

4. Saw “Into the Woods”

Apparently, despite several people’s insistence that they’d informed me, I managed to make it into my seat in the movie theater completely unaware that I was about to watch a musical. Unexpected bonuses are the best bonuses, no?

(Excuse the quality of this, it’s the only video version available on the Internet as of late, and the song is two billion times better if you can see it)

5. Learned How To Arm Knit

Tough initially, but after a couple of tries I picked it up fairly quickly and managed to crank out a couple of scarves in less than an hour. I love knitting, but instant gratification is just so….well, gratifying.

I used a 5.29 oz yarn in the most fantastic bubblegummy pink, but you can obviously do whatever the heck you want with your yarn choice, color and size wise. The tutorial I used is available here.

It's kind of a giant scarf.
It’s kind of a giant scarf.
But very cozy :3
But very cozy :3

So the idea I’m repping here is that you don’t need to stress the new year and all those grand personal improvements you’ve resolved to make. Change will happen on its own and you’ll find yourself trying new things before you even realize it, so there’s no reason to stress. Baby steps, my friends. Baby steps.

Oh, and happy 2015 everyone!

Ring in the New Years with these festive tutorials!

Theres still a couple hours left to get ready for tonight and luckily your favorite youtube beauty bloggers have put together some gorgeous and easy looks just for you!

@BeautyCrush: Gold and vampy

@MissGlamorazzi: Four different looks thanks to COVERGIRL’s new Colorlicious Lipstick line!

@AndreasChoice: Sparkly eyes and red lips

@DulceCandy: Dark and Smoky

@FreePeople: Gorgeous up do for long hair

@MichellePhan: Golden Hour

10 Tasty Spiked Coffee Drinks Guaranteed To Help You Survive Winter


So I was cruelly awakened by my parents at the butt crack of dawn this morning (meaning about 8:30) and drug off on the only kind of acceptable a.m. adventure: a trip to a coffee roasting factory.

As a truly avid coffee lover, I think my awe, gratification and overall bliss is implied.

A father in the wild observes the native's impressive selection of coffee beans.
A father in the wild observes the native’s impressive selection of coffee beans.
Definitely bought this.
Definitely bought this.

Suffice it to say that I am too caffeinated to ever sleep again. But seriously, worth it. Nothing beats a hot cup of coffee on a blustery morning, more of which we in the Midwest are bound to endure.

Because winter lasts from December to March here. Welcome to frostbitten hell.

So to keep you EXTRA toasty, do please enjoy the following java+alcohol concoctions sure to make the cold weather deliciously bearable (click the photos for recipes!). Pairs well with snow, but I highly suggest forgoing all activities involving shovels, sleds, or ice skates.

temp (2)

Irish coffee
The Irish like a little sass in their morning joe.

temp (3)

grand marnier
Fruit and coffee=a balanced breakfast.

temp (4)

hot buttered rum
This will never not sound amazing. Or a little dirty.

temp (5)

An old favorite, with good reason.

temp (7)

black forest coffe
Willing to bet it goes well with cake?

temp (10)

amaretto coffee
For the coffee nut. *snort*

temp (11)

Because Starbucks doesn’t add vodka.

temp (6)

Hot chocolate
Creamy, pepperminty perfection.

temp (8)

Butterscotch-Fireball Coffee
Burns so good.

temp (9)

Cafe Royale-p33
A stroke of Italian genius with a splash of brandy.

***The Curly Girls must implore you to caffeinate responsibly***

50 Perfect New Year’s Eve Dresses For Under $50

Five days, 4 hours, 26 minutes and 20 seconds until 2015.

Until 2014 and everything it contains goes *poof* and we magically have this urgent desire to spend six hours a day in the gym.

Until Mean Girls replaces The Breakfast Club on Netflix.

Until the apocalypse, maybe.

The point here being that we should probably look fabulous, because, well, you never know what’s going to happen during those last crazy hours of 2014. So, in honor of the Curly Girls’ perpetual, college-related poverty and our insatiable enthusiasm for yet another holiday party, we’ve compiled a selection of affordable frocks to help you ring in the New Year. Introducing….



$49.99, Kohls
$44.99, JCPenney
$29.90, Winsdor
$49.90, Windsor
$39.58, GoJane
$29.18, GoJane
$44.78, GoJane
$32.67, Romwe (also seen on NastyGal for $40.95)
$18.33, Romwe
$49.99, Modcloth
Charlotte Russe2
$26.99, Charlotte Russe
$29.90, Forever21
Forever21 2
$39.90, Forever21
Forever21 8
$32.90, Forever21
Simply Dresses
$49.00, Simply Dresses
Simply Dresses 2
$49.00, Simply Dresses
$48.99, Ruche
$44.75, Macys
$49.99, Sears
$49.99, Sears

download (2)

$46.99, Kohls
$36.90, Windsor
$49.99, Modcloth
$49.99, Modcloth
$49.99, Modcloth
Charlotte Russe4
$34.99, Charlotte Russe
Charlotte Russe6
$29.99, Charlotte Russe
Forever21 5
$27.80, Forever21
Victorias Secret
$34.99, Victoria’s Secret
$39.98, Francescas
$20.99, Macys


$34.90, Windsor
$39.90, Windsor
$29.90, Windsor
$14.67, Romwe
$11.67, Romwe
$13.33, Romwe
Charlotte Russe5
$28.99, Charlotte Russe
Charlotte Russe7
$32.99, Charlotte Russe
Forever21 7
$27.90, Forever21
Simply Dresses 3
$49.00, Simply Dresses


$47.36, Asos
$47.36, Asos
$34.90, Windsor
$25.98, GoJane
$17.67, Romwe
Charlotte Russe3
$36.99, Charlotte Russe
Charlotte Russe8
$34.99, Charlotte Russe
Forever21 6
$29.80, Forever21
$26.99, Sears

We looked through hundreds of dresses at over twenty different stores for these beauts, so you can rest assured there’s no weak link in the chain.

No runt in the litter.

No fly in the glass of bargain Moscato.

Basically, they all rock.

Also, keep in mind that many of these dresses were on sale for the holidays, so it’d be best to snap at ’em while you can, before they’re sold out or the sales end.

As for shipping and handling, the prices listed do not include it. However, most online clothing stores offer free shipping on purchases of $50 or more, so if you really love the dress you can see what the site has to offer in the way of shoes and accessories. Might as well make an outfit out of it and get free shipping at the same time.

Anyhow, here’s to you, fair readers: may you look smashing in your New Year’s Eve outfits, may your midnight smooch buddy be incredibly hot, and may your drunk dancing skills miraculously emulate Beyoncé.

Get it.
Get it.

The jams that inspired my 2014


As far as my itunes library is concerned, this year produced a bountiful harvest in terms of new music. The following is a list chronicling my Columbus esq. “discoveries” of new/lost to me artists from the year, brought to my attention during late night dives to the depths of the inter webs or introduced to me by mutual friends.

January  Snowmine- Let Me In

They’ve nailed the “If my life was an indie movie this would play while I’m driving or walking or looking out a window or existing or something” echoey vibe… Ja feel?

February Years and Years- Real

Let me tell you that this is my absolute favorite band. I’m begging you, please, please, PLEASE go check out their other stuff.  I can’t get enough of them, the moment I stumbled upon this video I was instantly entranced and I hope you will be too.

March Gregory Alan Iskaov- Big Black Car

Finals are fast approaching yet, still so far off and you know you’re not going to swear off Netflix and get your life together. Grab a blanket, find a comfy spot on the futon and let Isakov lull you in to the great beyond… or to sleep.

April Jungle- Platoon

All the Funk. All the Dance. Tiny Track Suit.

May St. Lucia- Wait For Love

Live minstrel procession through down town LA. P-much all I could ask for from a band

June Cro- Traum

Yes, this is entirely in German but bear with me, this guy is a gem and he has a panda mask.

July The Griswolds- Beware The Dog

“Beware the ghost who lives on Salamander Road” I don’t know, I dig it. How can you stop your self from dancing?

August Grouplove- Colours

This band has been a favorite of mine for several years. Maddy and I were able to see them live and it was a technicolour eruption of electric sweaty bliss.

September Miniature Tigers- Last Night’s Fake Blood

They came to Iowa City, Alyse and I went to see them, it was really cool and I covet Rick the Keyboardist’s wind breaker. Also their music is hecka rad. They have an album called Cruel Runnings that they wrote in Jamaica. Like I said, hecka rad.

October Sam Smith- Leave Your Lover

If you have not released your self in to the somber, soulful tides of the ocean that is Sam Smith’s voice you are doing your self a disservice. Listen to any of his songs off of In the Lonely Hour, I’m begging you.

November Walk the Moon- Shut Up and Dance

Do it.

December Karina Mia- Christmas Sweaters

Cutest freaking christmas song ever. Why does this only have 150 views on youtube?